A collection of objects that investigates the transition between panel and sculpture, surface and space, surface and content, painting and object. The basic principle is a metamorphosis of a can that was originally used for dogfood, and usually ends as litter. This can has no value, ideally no weight and does not use any space for itself. This empty can surrounds and thereby defines a particular space, which would otherwise not be noticed as such. A kind of artificial space is defined and thus created  by a surface, the panel painting goes sculpture.

Is it the surface or the content of an object, the margin or the inner content?
This metaphor may be seen as an image for many questions inherent in producing, reckoning and criticising art, art history, society and our vision of what surrounds us.

Die Metamorphose der Dose explores situations where transitions may matter, be it linguistic, visual or conceptual.

kurzbauergasse 1997kurzbauergasse 1997
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